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About yuyarin

Network engineer at Internet Multifeed Co., operating JPNAP, the largest internet exchange in Japan.

M.S.(Information Science and Enginnering) at The University of Tokyo, majoring network engineering.

Member of WIDE Project.

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About yuyarin.net


yuyarin.net is not only a private commodity network for me providing DNS, Mail and Web but also an experimental network testbed of new technologies.

We set up the primary system in Tokyo, 50 Hz power supply by TEPCO and keep redundancy by setting up the secondary system in Osaka, 60 Hz power supply by KEPCO. This enabled to operate redundant DNS and mail systems with dispersing power suplly into 50/60 Hz areas regarding electricity crisis caused by 3.11.

Tokyo Site

In Tokyo site is the primary systems of yuyarin.net, DNS, Web and Mail(SMTP/IMAP) are working. We also operating LISP experimental network (see our lisp site). We have 4 vlans, for life, for Nintendo DS (WEP only devices), for LISP network and for IHANet. IHANet is a hobby network where participants establish IPv6 peers each other by BGP over GRE tunnel.

Osaka Site

Osaka site consists of only one virtual private server(VPS), provided by Sakura Internet. We can get IPv6 conectivity on this server by deploying 6rd technology. This server provides secondary DNS and Mail services.


All of my posts, tweets and sentense on this web site and all SNS sites like twitter, facebook, hatena and so on does not represent the organizations I belong. They contain only information which I can get by indivisual activities and researches, and public information. They are not based on any information protected by NDA I have to honor.




Feel free to contact me by e-mail: yuyarin.yuyarin.net (please replace the first . by @).